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To become the leading and reliable center for ecological food supplier to Scandinavian countries by carrying out ecological market research to promote food security   through research and knowledge sharing, vital for sustainable agriculture and development.


Sergev international is a Ugandan -Swedish company limited by shares and committed to providing Uganda’s ecological foods and raw materials to Europe, most especially to Scandinavian countries with a clear vision to lead in support the development of ecological food markets while focusing on organic farming.

Products and services

Sergev international offers a wide range of products and services in value chain analysis and development, market information services, and product development. We have appointed a technical staff to carry out supervision to agricultural farms, evaluate market trends as the basis to making key decision of where, what, when and how to export quality produces.

sergev international
sergev international
sergev international

Our objective

To enhance marketing of ecological agricultural products to European countries through collective marketing, farmers’ group formation, provision of marketing information and carrying out market research in order to equip farmers with agribusiness skills such as proper resource allocation, records keeping, cost-benefit analysis, risk and uncertainty management.

Our mission

To bring together all Ugandan farmers to fight poverty through practicing organic farming development as we promote the country’s organic fresh produce exports and brand Uganda on the European market as a reliable supplier of quality ecological food with the view of earning substantial foreign exchange as well encouraging a healthy food environment.

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